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Dollylocks Dreadlock Sculpting Mud Pomade

If you are looking for the perfect product to tame your dreaded tresses, check out this bad boy!

(Note: I was really hesitant to use anything named "pomade" on dreads (picturing greasy barbering cream), but as usual, Alin of Dollylocks products knows her stuff!)

The Dollylocks Dreadlock Pomade isn't really a pomade at all.  Its like a rich sculpting mud that gives your dreads fullness, a bit of weight and tames them in a way wax never could.

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Looks too good to be true, right?  It gets even better.  This whole transformation took all of 15 minutes - start to finish.  FIFTEEN MINUTES - and we were chatting and not exactly hauling ass.

The product itself is creamy and smooth - unlike waxes that can be sticky and hard to use.  It's also water soluble - so it washes right out.  Hate it?  No commitment.  Use too much?  Not a problem.  It's not a binding wax, will not inhibit locking, and will give your dreads amazing texture instantly - so much so that even "wax-haters" will love this product!

Creamy, smooth, buttery awesome.  Lasts until your next wash.   This comes in two colors - light and dark.  We used dark for Tasha's hair.

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Use this and the tightening spray at your roots, and your dreads are going to be looking and smelling like a million bucks!


One thought on “Dollylocks Dreadlock Sculpting Mud Pomade”

  • Tasha
    August 29, 2016 at 3:35 am

    Seriously, the best product ever! My dreads look and feel amazing! They definitely feel nourished and soft, not scratchy at all. This is the only Dollylocks product I hadn't tried, and now I'm hooked!

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