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Doc in Wonderland

Come this way... follow me down the rabbit hole!  There will be things for eating, growing, drinking and shrinking.  But I promise you, Alice, once you are here, you won't want to leave!

Doc in Wonderland

The Hatter

Mad Hatter

-The Hatter is a classic character of much over-the-topness.  This set was done with Bohyme
extensions,dreadedthen perm set
-The dreadlocks were then sewn to Doc's natural dreadlocks.
-Special Effects Nuclear Red was used to color all natural hair and extensions.
-The dreads were then gelled and roller set to create wild tendrils!

The White Queen


-The White Queen has natural dreads, so cyberlox made the perfect sleeving to perfect our snowy Goddess!
-Cyberlox were cut to length and slid into place and secured with removable stitching.

The Caterpillar


-So wise and so snarky!  You'd never guess that these high brow bangs are clip-in extensions colored with Special Effects in Fish Bowl and Blue Velvet!

The Rabbit


-Tick tock, tick tock!  Jumbo braid in white and 613 platinum was backcombed, banded and stitched to a weaving cap to create the Rabbit's perfect locks.
-Two strand braids with backcombed and loose ends give her a playful twist.

Ace of Spades


-Our loyal Ace, always ready to do the Red Queen's bidding.
-This look was created with the top of a wig that had been cut into a toupee.
-It was then cut into a militant V shaped spike and put on clips for easy wearing.



-Alice's signature golden locks were achieved with our Doctored Locks Remi Clip-in Sets in an 18" length and platinum blonde (613).
-Washed and set with setting lotion, curled and then backcombed.
-A ribbon adds just enough youthful curiosity.

The Red Queen


-An updo fit for a proper queen!
-A full coverage wig in Red Auburn (130) was used to create this upswept style.  A murderous color, fit for removing heads!

The Jaberwocky


-The Jabberwocky's menacing style is completed with a wig that has been cut into a toupee.  (Hey guys!  As long as the sides of the haircut aren't shaved to the skin, any top piece will blend.  Receeding hairline?  Horseshoe baldness?  No problem!)
-Wefted extensions in bright red were sewn to create a sinister peek-a-boo effect.

The Tweedles


-Our Tweedle twins were completed with kanekalon silky braid that had been curled into ringlets.
-The ringlets were made into into high pigtails and attached to natural buns.

Cheshire Cat


-Meow!  This look was created with a constructed piece.
-First, a wig was cut into a top piece so that the natural hair could show through underneath.
-Next, ShapeShifter was added with Linkies to create custom colored Highlights and curled to match.
-The ears were then sewn directly onto the topper, and weave clips sewn to the underside ensuring a no-slip, no-strap, dance-all-night stability.

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