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Double Ended Dreadlock Take Down

Here it is, folks. This is what a few weeks of tromping around Shambhala Music Festival and further weeks after the fact look like. Nirvana used the Doctored Locks Synthetic Premade Dreads in 22" and had them braided in DE style.
These lasted her for weeks! But alas, the time came that her scalp needed scrubbing and her look needed a revival.  When you are looking at a full head of DEDs (Double Ended Dreads), the task of taking each and every one out can be daunting.

Don't fret, we will walk through this together.
Here is what you will need:
A metal tail comb and a pair of shears to remove the rubber bands.
Yes, that is really it. Well, maybe some good tunes and a snack, but those are optional.

I like to lift the rubber bands away from the DED's before I cut them to ensure none of the fibers get chopped.
IMGP7802   IMGP7798
Some people like to save their DED's for a later install. All it takes is a simple lift and slice with your shears.   Free at last!

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself. We aren't quite out of the woods yet. The easiest way to separate the natural hair from the DED is to pick the braid apart with your metal tail comb. Remember, these braids have been worn for a little while, they need some help being taken apart.
IMGP7805 IMGP7807

Now it is time for my personal favorite: the Dread Fro!
Your hair will be prepped and ready for the next AKC Poodle Grooming Competition. This poof happens because the hair has been bound for so long in a braid that the kinks are imprinted on the hair. It is important to comb the hair thoroughly.

Why, you ask? Aren't we simply going to shampoo and call it a day? Well, you could, but then you are going to need a drain snake. I know, I know, you are thinking.  "A drain snake?! That wasn't on the supply list!" And you are totally right.

A drain snake is not on the supply list because you are going to comb all of the shed out of your fro. We shed hair every day. It is a completely natural and normal part of our hair's life cycle. However, when hair is braided and bound down, there is no opportunity for the hair that needs to go to get gone. Never mind the fluff balls falling to the ground, you aren't going to be bald. No, the dreads did not damage your hair what so ever. This is normal! Just keep combing, combing, combing.
Now we have a soft, floofy, malleable head of hair. Doesn't she remind you of that doll, Angelica, from the Rugrats? Here comes the Best. Part. Ever.

The shampoo. Ah, yes, the heavenly feeling of someone scrubbing the weeks at a music festival off your scalp. The dancing, the glitter, the magic. All down the drain.IMGP7814
There is a new kind of magic happening here - Being able to scrub your head! Seriously, ask ANYONE who has worn DED's, they will unanimously say this moment here is a little slice of heaven.

Here we are, a clean scalp, a deep condition, Nirvana is feeling like a new woman.

However, Nirvana is not the naturalistic type, so we are going to turn around and stick more stuff on her head.
20151001_114834 IMGP8061 (1)
One glam hair adventure to the next.
Watch our blog for her dramatic transformation with tape-in extensions and fresh color!

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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