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DIY: How to Create A Princess Hair Net with Linkies Microbeads

Decorative Styling with Linkies:

Learn how to use Linkies micro-rings to create decorative additions to hair styles. Create a beautiful netting to enhance your style.

Items Needed:
Smooth Microclamp Closer

1. Carve off a section of hair and slide a ring onto the natural hair.
2. Use your closing tool to close the Linkie into place.
3. Continue adding Linkies horizontally across until you have reached the desired length of your netting.
4. To start the second row, separate the first bond into two and do the same with the second.
5. Take the two halves from the bonds on the upper row and slide a ring onto that hair.
6. Use your closing tool to close the Linkie into place.
7. Continue until the second row is completed.
8. Repeat this process to create rows until your desired style is completed.
9. Add rhinestones or lace to enhance this style.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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