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Customer Spotlight: Amanda McGahey

Amanda McGahey has been blowing our minds on Instagram the past few years with her incredible special effects makeup and hairpieces.

She is a cosmetologist by day, but says SFX hair and makeup is her real passion. She has been cultivating this passion for a little over three years.  "I thrive to create. I want to make this a part of my cosmetology career."

Jumbo Braid is an inexpensive fiber that Amanda uses to create amazing hair styles for many of her characters.  Her most recent character, Maimie The Clown, has jumbo braid hair attached to the inside and outside of her skull mask.


The mask is made of silicone and she attached gorgeous fiber blends using silicone to create a realistic effect.


Zoltar The Fortune Teller was created with purple extension hair. The extensions are sewn on to lace and attached to the model's natural hair with clips.


For her voodoo creations, dreadlocks are made by steaming the hair between wet towels.  She learned how to build them by watching Doctored Locks tutorials.  You can check out the method that she uses here.

"I mixed natural colors and spiraled dreads together to create an authentic tribal vibe. The last detail was adding charms and bones within the dreads with silver jewelry jump rings. "


If she has a character that doesn't call for an intricate hair piece, she uses front lace wigs to transform her characters.


Full character concepts are created from scratch with handmade costumes and props.


Amanda builds her own prosthetics and masks, ranging from simple latex to complex silicone appliances.  She is certified by Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Ve Neil and works at The House of Shadows, a top rated haunted house in Oregon.

Watch her characters come to life on her YouTube channel, follow her work on Instagram or friend her on Facebook.

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