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DIY: Creating a Ponytail with Shrinkies Shrink Tubes

Creating a Ponytail Piece with Shrinkies:

Learn how to create a ponytail piece using Shrinkies.

Items Needed:
Heat Wand
Latch Hook Tool
Ribbon or Elastic
Wire Comb Clip
Sewing Needle

1. Secure both ends of the ribbon/elastic.
2. Drape the fiber over the ribbon/elastic.
3. Load the latch hook tool with Shrinkies.
4. Using the latch hook tool, pull the bulk hair into the Shrinkie.
5. Slide the Shrinkie as close to the base as possible and apply heat with the wand.
6. After the bond has shrunk, remove the heat.
7. Repeat this process until you have created the entire row.
8. Use simple stitches to secure the comb clip.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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