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DIY: How to Create a Bun Cover to Help Contain Flyaway Hairs

Creating A Bun Cover:

Every hairpiece needs a neat and clean base to start from. Learn how to make a bun cover that will help keep your piece work-fly away free!

Items Needed:
Tulle Fabric
Corded Elastic

1. Cut the tulle to about a 12'' circle.
2. Measure out about 4-5'' of your cording and position it off to one side of your tulle.
3. Wrap the tulle around the cord and make your first stitch.
4. Do simple stitches around the circle creating a sleeve around the cord.
5. Tie a knot and clip your thread.
6. Cut the elastic cording away from the bundle, leaving 4-5 inches - matching the other side.
7. Pull the elastic to cinch up the tulle.
8. Tie off the elastic cord and cut off the excess.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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