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Covering a Bald Spot Safely with Wefted Extensions

Covering a Bald Spot:

Learn how to cover a bald spot with extension hair.

Items Needed:
Weaving Thread
Weaving Needle
Weaving Hair
Swiss Lace/Mesh
Razor Tool
Razor Blade

1. Slide Linkies on your microneedle.
2. Pick up a small rectangular section of hair and split it into two.
3. Pull one section into the link.
4. Use your microneedle to pick up and pull the other section of hair through the link in the opposing direction, making an "X."
5. Adjust the tension and crimp the link into place.
6. Continue adding links around the perimeter of the spot.
7. Take a section of hair from one link and one neighboring it.
8. Use these to create another "X."
9. Adjust tension and crimp into place.
10. Repeat to connect all links in this manner.
11. Cut a piece of swiss lace or fine mesh, leaving about an inch of extra length around the spot.
12. Position hair so that it will lay flat.
13. Lay the lace over the spot.
14. Carefully sew the lace to the links. Make sure the natural hair is directed into its proper place as you sew.
15. Create a knot and clip the thread leaving two long tails.
16. Using your microneedle, pull one leg of thread around the link track. Tie a secure knot and cut away excess thread.
17. Cut away excess lace.
18. Holding extension hair up to the lowest part of the lace, measure the width, and cut the weft.
19. Stitch into your weft to create an anchor for your thread.
20. Hold or clip your extensions in place and begin sewing around the lower edge created by the Linkies. Sew to the end and then a few stitches back to the center to move the tie off point away from the end of the weft.
21. Tie the thread twice, separating the thread, pulling tight, and then snip away needle leaving two thread tails.
22. Using your microneedle, and go under the link track, and pull one leg of thread back through. Tie off and cut away excess thread.
23. Measure and cut your next weft leaving a gap above your lowest weft.
24. Anchor your thread to the weft.
25. Stitch around the side link and gently stitch the weft into place on the lace.
26. Stitch around the link track and back towards the center a few stitches.
27. Knot the thread and snip away needle leaving two thread tails.
28. Using your microneedle, and go under the link track, and pull one leg of thread back through. Tie off and cut away excess thread.
29. Repeat this process, adding wefts until the lace is covered. Monitor the number of wefts you are adding to maintain proper thickness of the hair addition.
30. Be mindful of your weft placement and sewing on the top layer so that it is as smooth as possible.
31. Point cut the extensions into the current length.
32. Razor cut the extensions to blend to the proper texture.
33. You are ready to style.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

2 thoughts on “Covering a Bald Spot Safely with Wefted Extensions”

  • Brandi
    June 25, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    Good job

    • Doc
      July 1, 2019 at 3:56 am

      Thank you :)

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