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DIY: How to Create Ombre Twisted Color Swirl Synthetic Dreadlocks

Color Swirled Candy Dreads:

Learn how to create ombre swirled candycane dreads.

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid (4 Colors)
Tail Comb

1. First, create your blends. Cut the top colors shorter. Place each of these on top of the longer colors.
2. Take one set and separate it into two. Place one section and place it on top of the other, taking care to ensure that the shorter ends are similarly matched for position.
3. At the middle point, fan out the fibers and separate the bundle into two. Place one bundle on top of the other.
4.Continue this process until fibers have been blended.
5. Repeat for the other set.
6. Backcomb each of the color blends separately.
7. Take your first color blend and twist it to the right.
8. Take the second color blend and twist it to the right.
9. Pass the left blend underneath and to the right hand.
10. Twist and pass.
11. Continue until you reach the ends.
12. Add some backcombing to keep them from unraveling.
13. Repeat on the other leg.
14. Seal the dreads into place.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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