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DIY: How to Change the Part Line on a Wig with a Household Iron

Change A Wig's Part Line with an Iron:

Learn how to change the part line of a wig with a household iron.

Items Needed:
Household Iron

1. Place wig on rounded surface. (We used an old cosmetology mannequin head.)
2. Carve off your new desired part and smooth the hair into its desired direction.
3. Hold hair firmly in the desired position position.
4. Place a damp towel over the new part area, carefully holding the hair in place.
5. Rock the iron quickly along the area of the part line to drive steam into the base.
6. While still holding the hair in place, remove the towel.
7. Check that all the hair is staying in its new shape, and isn't bouncing into its old form.
8. Repeat as needed.

Amazing Products Used in this Tutorial

Amazing Products Used in this Tutorial

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