Prebond I Tip Color Ring

Take the guess work out of matching your clients for extensions!

In Stock

Stylists' color ring for Pre-Bonded hair. A must have for any stylist!

  • Complete and comprehensive color selection
  • Blondes and mixed colors

Color swatches for every available color to ensure you get a perfect match every time. Never guess with your client's color again!

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Customer Questions
Hi there,when will u have the sample colours back in stock.Merry Christmas.Regards karen
They are in production. We don't have a final date, but hopefully not too long.
Hi there,sorry to ask again about the colour ring but do u know when it will be back in stock.Karen
It was delayed - it was supposed to be on our last shipment, and our expected date shows it on the next order. It should be back in stock this month.
Hi there,i tryed to fine the liquid gold on your web site but could not see it can u please tell how much it is,allso the colour ring how long till it is back in stock.Regards Karen.
Liquid Gold can be found here:
Hi there, any news when the colour ring will be back. in stock .Regards Karen
Hi Karen, we don't have any further updates from the info we already gave you. Should be soon.
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