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DIY: How to Create a Braided Weave with Full Coverage and Closure Piece

Braided Weave with Closure:

Learn how to complete a braided weave with handmade closure piece.

Items Needed:
Wefted Hair
Weave Needle
Weaving Cap
Flat Iron

1. Start with hair cornrowed.
2. Fold a cornrow up and ends down so that they are sitting in the groove between braids.
3. Put the weave needle through the braid and tack stitch the braid into place.
4. Repeat for the rest of the braid tails.
5. Place a weave cap over the cornrows.
6. Put the weaving needle through a cornrow, weave cap, and back through the thread to anchor the weave cap into place.
7. Continue sewing the cap to the braided base until it is secure.
8. Cut off the weave cap tag (if applicable).
9. Begin sewing the wefts onto the cap starting as low as possible for maximum coverage.
10. Continue working in rows up the head until you reach the crown.
11. Use horseshoe pieces to start filling in the crown until you get to the top parting area.
12. Determine where your part will start and fill in the areas around it.
13. Create a closure piece by sewing wefted hair together as you spiral it into a piece.
14. Use a flat iron to press the piece down and flat.
15. Sew the closure piece to the remaining area.
16. Style.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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