DIY: How to Create XL Knotty No-Seal Synthetic Dreadlocks

DIY: How to Create XL Knotty No-Seal Synthetic Dreadlocks

XL Knotty No-Seal Synth Dreads:

Learn how to create huge "Knotty No-Seal" dreads

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid
Tail Comb
Dreadloom (optional)
Curling Rod / Coat Hanger
Microneedle or Latch Hook Tool
Towel (Damp)
Flat Iron

1. Separate a large section of fiber and secure it around a rod and to your work surface.
2. Backcomb with big strokes, gradually becoming smaller strokes. Rotate the fiber so that is backcombed on all sides.
3. Feel the length dread to ensure an even texture.
4. Continue backcombing until your fiber stiffens.
5. Pick up a small amount of fiber to begin your wrapping technique.
6. Push the microneedle into the base of the dread and pull the wrapping fiber through the dread (like floss).
7. Begin wrapping down the dread randomly, but tightly.
8. When you run out of fiber, insert another piece in the same manner, overlapping the ends of the previous wrapping fiber.
9. Continue wrapping until you reach the fiber's ends.
10. Back comb the tips.
11. Use the tail end of your comb to enhance the texture by pulling on some of the bubbles.
12. Place a damp towel around the dread ends while twisting the fiber.
13. Use your flat iron to steam set the shape of the ends.
14. Hold the twisted ends until the heat dissipates.
15. Clip away any scraggly hair from the tip.

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