DIY: Single Ended (SE) Wrapped Dreads Created On Client

DIY: Single Ended (SE) Wrapped Dreads Created On Client

Wrapped SE Dreads:

Learn how to create wrapped se dreadlocks for the most believable installation.

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid
Tail Comb
Latch Hook Tool

1. Carve off a section of hair.
2. Using Jumbo Braid, create a simple extension braid with the natural hair.
3. After a few turns, split the natural hair and extension hair in two.
4. Combine one of each together and continue braiding.
5. Once the braid is slightly longer than the natural hair, backcomb a small amount of the fiber so that the braid does not unravel.
6. If you are doing a full head, braid the rest of the hair in this manner before moving onto the next step.
7. Use a latch hook to pull extension fiber through the braid at the base.
8. Put the two legs of the fiber together and add a bit of backcombing.
9. Wrap the fiber around the the braid creating a casing.
10. Once past the braid, backcomb all the fiber together so the transition is as smooth as possible.
11. Backcomb the extension fiber to the tips.
12. Starting at the base, twist and use a steam method to seal each dreadlock.

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