Clip-In Extensions: Your Bff for Summer

Clip-In Extensions: Your Bff for Summer
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Clip-In Extensions: Your Bff for Summer

It's Summer! Which means it's officially time for fruity beverages, sun tan lotion, swimming pools, and ocean breezes! With the sunshiny world in front of you and vacation plans underway, we want to give you a couple resources to keep your locks looking lovely and your extensions beachy-keen.

Whether you're new to extensions or have had a longstanding relationship with them, the idea of keeping hair healthy in the midst of the summer heat and pool chemicals can be a little daunting. That's why we prefer clip sets or halos for our heated, watery adventures.

The reasoning for this preference is fairly simple; you can take them out.

Pool water and sun tan lotion are not exactly friends of your extension hair, ESPECIALLY if you're a blonde. Certain sun tan lotions can be oxidative, turning your extension hair pink, and chlorine has an infamous reputation for leaving a green tint on your locks. So if you can help it, it's best to keep your extension hair out of pool water and away from sun tan lotion altogether. With halos and clip sets you can snap your long lengths in and out in no time at all, keeping them out of the heat of the sun and away from harmful pool chemicals and also letting your natural hair dry faster.

However, if you can't help it (because let's face it, you look dang good with your extensions in and they complement your new swimsuit perfectly). We won't judge you too harshly, you admittedly look straight up awesome with long, thick hair, and we're not about to tell you not to wear it on a some sandy beach with a Mai Tai in hand. So if you just must keep your extensions in as you enjoy all the lovely activities summer has to offer, here's a couple ways to keep them intact:

Braids: Braids are kind of an extension's best friend to begin with. If you have semi-permanent extensions where you can't take them out before you sleep (like pre-bond, sew-ins, or tape-ins) keeping your hair in braids at night is the best option for tangle-free hair. The same is true for anyone swimming around in ocean waves or walking about on a windy beach. Tangled extensions are NO FUN, and too much tangle could eventually lead to breakage whenever you go to brush it out. So get a little whimsical and "let it go" with a Frozen Elsa Braid , keeping your extensions nice and neat instead of swimming with the fishes ;)

Buns: If you're in a pool, do your best to keep your extensions out of the water and away from any suntan lotion.  Messy buns are your friend (we still want you to wear suntan lotion, we just don't want it on your lovely hair!) so keep your extensions up and out of the way of any chemicals! If you do end up getting a little pink tinge to your hair don't worry, a good purple shampoo can generally tone you back to normal!

Second Set: If you decide to go the clip set or halo route but still want to keep your extensions clipped in during your summer fun, consider having a second set waiting in the wings. While this isn't always feasible for everyone, keep in mind your "second set" doesn't mean your "best set". In fact, the second set is generally an older set that has already taken some abuse, and won't be too upset with you for taking it out into the salty sea. Second sets of hair are really handy for any activity where sun, salt, or chlorine are involved. Your other set of extensions will thank you!

And while we feel like this almost goes without saying, be sure to WASH YOUR EXTENSIONS after any contact with the sea or pool (or lake or pond). Getting salty or chlorine residue out of your hair will increase the longevity of your locks, and a good hair masque can help rehydrate them after a day in the sun!

So now you have the tools to be a summer hair goddess; surf, swim, and tan your way through these sunshiny days, and slay any beach with hair that would make even the mermaids jealous.

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