Placement of Hair Extension Wefts for Pigtails

Placement of Hair Extension Wefts for Pigtails

Weft Placement for Pigtails:

Learn how to place wefted or clip-in extensions to allow pigtail styling.

Items Needed:
Wefted Hair
Extension Method of Your Choice
Crocodile Clips
Tail Comb

1. Create the pigtail parting for your desired style and clip one section to the side.
2. Start near the nape of the neck and carve off a section.
3. Make sure the weft is far enough from the front hairline and the pigtail parting. Be sure not to be too close to the nape so that the extensions do not show when the pigtails are pulled up.
4. Install the weft with the installation method of your choice. Make sure that it is not too tight so that it can still be pulled up and into place.
5. Carve off the next section of hair.
6. Being mindful of the hairline and pigtail parting, install your next row.
7. Continue adding rows, keeping the hairline and pigtail partings in mind.
8. Repeat on the other side.
9. Wear the style in pigtails or down.

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