How to Wear a Drawstring Ponytail (Short Hair)

How to Wear a Drawstring Ponytail (Short Hair)

Wearing a Drawstring Ponytail on Short Hair:

Ponytail pieces are not only for people with long hair. Learn how to wear a drawstring ponytail on short hair.

Items Needed:
Draw String Ponytail
Tail Comb
Ortho Bands

1. Create a small ponytail centered high on the back of the head with as much hair as will reach.
2. Create several additional mini ponytails as close as possible to the initial ponytail.
3. Gather the small ponytails and band them together.
4. Insert the top comb of the drawstring ponytail behind the natural hair ponytail cluster.
5. Insert the bottom comb in the same way.
6. Stretch the sides of the drawstring base over the ponytail clusters to hide them.
7. Cinch the drawstring down, wind it up, and tuck it underneath the netting.

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