DIY: How to Put In Contact Lenses

DIY: How to Put In Contact Lenses
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DIY: How to Put In Contact Lenses

How to Wear Contact Lenses:

Learn how to wear contact lenses.

Items Needed:
Contact Lenses

1. Clean and dry hands.
2. Make sure the color printing is on the outside of the contact.
3. Have a little bit of moisture on the eye side of the contact lens.
4. Place contact on a mostly dry finger.
5. With your other hand, open your top lid with your pointer finger and pull down on your lower lid with your middle finger.
6. Place the contact on the white part of your eye.
7. Gently place your eyelid over the lens with your free hand if it feels like it's not setting in place.
8. Blink a few times to remove air bubbles and repeat on the other side.
5 years ago
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