DIY: How to Create Victory Rolls on a Wig

DIY: How to Create Victory Rolls on a Wig

Victory Rolls on a Wig:

Learn how to create Victory Rolls on a wig.

Items Needed:
Backcombing Brush
Tail Comb
Crocodile Clips
Bobby Pins
Jumbo Braid (Method 2)
Blow Dryer (Method 2)

Method 1-
1. Take the front section on one side of the wig and backcomb the hair from the backside forward until hair feels solid.
2. Smooth the front side and wind it around your hand.
3. Make sure the top has the iconic shape and pin into place.
Method 2-
1. Take a small section of Jumbo Braid and backcomb it.
2. Form your backcombed Jumbo Braid into a bean shape.
3. Use a blow dryer to lock the hair into its shape.
4. Section the front part and put a very light backcombing into it.
5. Pin the Jumbo Braid right behind that lightly backcombed section.
6. Wind the front section around your fingers to create the iconic shape.
7. Tuck the hair underneath the Jumbo Braid piece and pin into place.

*If the bangs are long, create another roll in the center.

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