DIY: How to Turn Double Ended (DE) Dreads into Single Ended (SE) Dreads

DIY: How to Turn Double Ended (DE) Dreads into Single Ended (SE) Dreads

Turning Double Ended Dreadlocks into Single Enders:

Learn how to turn double ended dreads into singles.

Items Needed:
Double Ended Dreadlocks

1. Cut the double ended dreadlock into two at the center point.
2. Thread your needle.
3. Stitch into the dreadlock at the top, through some of the backcombed hair, and then through the end loop of your thread. This creates an anchor stitch.
4. Stitch back and forth through the dreadlock, with each pass picking up a little more hair.
5. Continue this until the top binding is formed.
6. Place your finger on top of the binding and loop the thread around your finger and sew into the binding.
7. Repeat until the loop is of stable size for installation.
8. Slide your finger out from the loop.
9. Stitch around the loop with your needle to secure the looped threads together.
10. Sew the area where loop and binding connect until the loop feels stable.
11. Create several knots to secure your stitching and clip away the needle.
12. Create several knots with the thread tails for added security then clip away the excess thread.
13. Clean up any extra hair with scissors.

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