DIY: How to Tighten a Linkies Wefted Installation

DIY: How to Tighten a Linkies Wefted Installation

Tighten a Linkies Track Weave:

Learn how to tighten a track weave.

Items Needed:
Tail Comb
Crocodile Clips
Linkies Microring Opener
Smooth Microclamp Closer
Weave Needle
Weaving Thread

1. Starting with your top row, cut away the thread carefully and remove the wefted extensions.
2. Remove any remaining thread that may cling in the track.
3. Using your opener tool, open the Linkies.
4. Find the tail ends to your lower linking row and gently pull to tighten.
5. Next, find the tails to the connecting row and tighten in the same manner.
6. Using your closing tool, crimp the lower linking Linkies in place.
7. Repeat closure with the upper connecting row or replace this row.
8. Add an anchor stitch to your weft with your needle and thread.
9. Sew the wefts in place, begin an inch to the interior and sew out to the edge. Double back, making sure to hold the linked hair in place as you sew.
10. Continue sewing until you reach the other side.
11. Double back away from the edge and create a knot.
12. Cut the thread leaving two long tails.
13. Slide your microneedle underneath the row and gently pull one tail of thread to the other side. Create several knots to secure.
14. Continue this process until all rows have been tightened.

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