DIY: How to Remove Stray Fuzzies from Synthetic Dreadlocks (Knock Down Method)

DIY: How to Remove Stray Fuzzies from Synthetic Dreadlocks (Knock Down Method)

Why are My Synthetic Dreadlocks Frizzy?:

Learn why your synthetic dreadlocks are frizzy and how to fix the problem.

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid
Tail Comb
Flat Iron

1. Secure jumbo braid to your work surface.
2. Use your comb to backcomb the fiber. If small loops form, gently pull them out and smooth over the fiber.
3. If larger loops occur, pull the fiber apart then smooth them down. Be sure to leave the backcombing in place.
4. Continue this process until the jumbo braid is fully backcombed.
3. Place an ironing board against your work surface.
4. Wet your towel and wring it so that it is damp, but not dripping.
5. Spread the towel over the ironing board and under the dread.
6. Twist the first few inches of the dread. Use your thumbs to push and twist the fiber into the dread shape.
7. Fold the towel over the dread, hold the dread in place on the outside of the towel, and press with your iron until the steam dies down.
8. Hold the dread tightly until it cools into shape or the form will not set.
9. Twist the dread tighter and repeat for a secure seal.
9. Continue this process to complete the length of the dread.
11. If you are creating a double ended dreadlock, flip the dread and seal the other side.
12. Knock out any additional frizz by quickly moving a flat iron around the dread in the direction of the sealed set.

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