DIY: Quick Makeover - Using Synthetic Dreadlocks to Fake a Full Installation

DIY: Quick  Makeover - Using Synthetic Dreadlocks to Fake a Full Installation

Synthetic Dreadlock Quick Change:

Learn how to get the look of a full synthetic dreadlock installation in a fraction of the time.

Items Needed:
Dreadlock Ponytail Piece
Double Ended Dreadlocks
Tail Comb
Ponytail Holder
Rubber Bands
Bobby Pins
Hair Pins

1. Carve the front section of the hair forward and pin out of the way.
2. Put the back section into a high flat bun.
3. Slide the comb of the dread piece underneath the front of the bun.
4. Tie the straps underneath the bun.
5. Bobby pins added if extra security for the piece is needed.
6. Using the front section, create sections that are two dreadlocks deep and two wide.
7. Take up one of the sections and split it into two.
8. Position a double ended dreadlock between the two sections at the centerfold. Clip one leg down to hold it in place.
9. Use the free dread leg and the two sections of natural hair to create a three strand braid.
10. Braid to the ends of the natural hair.
11. Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band, walk it down the braid to capture all the loose hair ends. Add a second rubber band if needed.
12. Repeat for the other 3 dreads in this section.
13. Carve off and install 3 dreads on each side along the hairline in the same manner.
14. Take the four center dreads and criss cross them using two from one side and two from the other.
15. Pin into place.
16. Pull the perimeter dreads from one side of the head and rubber band them where they would meet the dread piece.
17. Pin them into place.
18. Repeat for the opposite side.

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