Stylists, Can you REALLY help your clients?

Stylists, Can you REALLY help your clients?
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Stylists, Can you REALLY help your clients?

Hey Friends,

Today, I want to tell you a little backstory about how and why I started messing around with hair extensions. It wasn’t because it allowed me to make tons of cash, finally get my bills paid, or actually start a real career. Not even close. Hell, I wasn’t even a hairdresser - that came later. :)

Hair extensions were simply a way I could reinvent myself. They allowed me to change my hair color within minutes, have dreads, or look like a total rockabilly hottie - all with zero commitment. Every day was something new.As my passion grew, I started helping other people reinvent themselves too.

It was when I started doing hair extensions for other people that it became something deeper - and much less superficial. With hair extensions, I was able to help people fighting their own demons.

I will never forget the girl with trichotillomania...

If you aren't familiar, trichtillomania is a disorder that causes the irresistable urge to pull out one's hair. She was just trying to fit in - and it was very emotional. By helping her cover up patches of missing hair, she was able to let go of her negative self-imageand start her internal healing process. I didn’t do anything revolutionary, but to her, in that moment, it was everything. That really moved me.

Since then, I’ve helped many people through hair extension transformations. I've helped transition people with cancer (including my mom). On these long journeys, I’ve gotten to know my clients on a very intimate level. I have been with them through their process and they have shared private details of personal fears, loss, and self-restoration. There have been a lot of tears - both in and behind my chair.

In all honesty, the money is good, but it isn't what keeps me passionate about this industry. To me, the transformative effects and the deeper bonds you create are what being a hair extension stylist is all about. That is my “big why.”

I’m not sure what your situation today is, but I want to ask you ONE question:

WHY do you want to start doing hair extensions?

Think about it for a second.

Most likely, there are real reasons, important reasons: goals you want to achieve, things you want to do, and people you want to spend time with. Hair extensions are a means to that end.

What is your ultimate goal?

I know there’s a bigger reason behind your plans, your dreams, and your ideas. It’s not just to do “pretty” hair for the sake of it. Maybe it’s to express your artistry, tame your hectic schedule, create deeper friendships, or build an independent, stable career.

So what is it for you? WHY - really WHY - do you want to do hair extensions?

Hit reply and tell me your why, I’d love to hear from you! :)
3 years ago
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