Stylist Spotlight - Chivahn Wilkens

Stylist Spotlight - Chivahn Wilkens
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Stylist Spotlight - Chivahn Wilkens

For all the mermaids and unicorns at heart, for all the lovers of color and long, amazing hair; (and more specifically, anyone looking for a killer stylist in Seattle, WA) we are thrilled to introduce to your our stylist spotlight: Chivahn of Fathom Hair.


With a mini salon themed around mermaids (EXCITED YET??) and an eye for unstoppable color in every possible shade, Chivahn has taken the rainbow by storm and made it do her bidding on the locks of her clients. It's no wonder, while this artist has been professionally doing hair since she graduated beauty school in 2006, she's really been up in hair's grill since she was just 12 years old. Practice makes mermaid-inspired hair perfect!

When asked about what inspires her colorful works of art Chivahn replied:

"When I was 6, I wanted to be a mermaid. (Still do) Mermaids have the best hair, so it's been a natural progression from there.... (lately) it's been a lot of gemstones, oil slicks, and color schemes in works by some of my favorite artists, like Artetak."


(Seriously, have you ever seen so much multi-dimensional color in one place?? Chivahn says her shop is where all the hardcore mermaid warriors go, and we could not agree more!)


(Excuse us while we completely lose our chill over these stunning extensions and oil slick hair)

For Chivahn, nothing is more satisfying then a job well done:

"I'm always thrilled when someone comes to me with something kind of vague and they gush afterwards about how I exceeded all their expectations and created something better than they could've imagined. It makes me so happy!"


"I love making people fall in love with themselves again. Changing someone's hair up can brighten their whole outlook on themselves and the world. Get a new hue, and you can be anyone you want."

If you're in need of your inner mermaid to be your outer mermaid, get in touch with the talent at Fathom Hair Studios, we know you won't be disappointed!

Big thank you to Chivahn for sharing a bit of her story and her gorgeous images! 

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