DIY: How to Create a Believable Lace Hairline

DIY: How to Create a Believable Lace Hairline

Quick Lace Hairline:

Learn how to create a lace hairline for a natural looking wig.

Items Needed:
Swiss Lace
Clip Board
Bulk Hair (be sure it matches your wig)

1. Cut a piece of swiss lace as wide as your front hairline.
2. Clip the piece of swiss lace to a clipboard.
3. Hook the microneedle through one strand of the lace.
4. Take up one strand bulk hair. Pull the mid fold under the strand of lace leaving the loop exposed.
5. Push the tail ends of the bulk hair and pull it through its loop.
6. Repeat this process until you have achieved your desired coverage.
7. Sew the strip of lace into the front hairline of the wig.
8. Cut away the excess lace.

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