DIY: How to Create Plaid Wefted Panel Extensions

DIY: How to Create Plaid Wefted Panel Extensions

Plaid Panel Extensions:

Learn how to create plaid panel extensions.

Items Needed:
Wefted Hair
Clarifying Shampoo
20 Volume Developer
Flat Iron
Aluminum Foil
Tail Comb
Scotch Tape
Hair Color (2 shades)
Color Bowls
Dye Tool Kit
Small Paint Brushes
White Distilled Vinegar

1. Wash wefted hair with a clarifying shampoo. Add developer to the shampoo if it is a cuticle intact hair (labelled remy or remi).
2. Dry the hair.
3. Flat iron the hair completely straight.
4. Lay the hair flat on foil.
5. Comb it straight.
6. Use scotch tape to secure the hair to the work surface at the top of the weft and the tips of the hair.
7. Using the first color, paint in vertical stripes following the direction of the hair.
8. Paint in the horizontal striped by dabbing the paint into place. Use guide dots to make it easier.
9. Using the second color create vertical stripes, avoiding the first color.
10. Add in the horizontal stripes, also avoiding the first color.
11. Let the color process.
12. Fill up a basin with water and add a bit of white distilled vinegar.
13. Rinse the weft in the vinegar and allow it to dry.

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