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Rachel Dolezal Buys Her Black Weaves From a White Lady
It's not often that one of our customers holds the national news media spotlight for over a week.   Yes, I said it.  Rachel Dolezal is one of our customers and that means that she buys her “Black” wigs and weaves from a “White” lady. If you are unfamiliar with this story, a quick Google search will pull up a wealth of results. The gist is that Rachel Dolezal is a White lady, that identifies...
KK Artist Fiber Color Palettes
Hey dread-makers and braiders!  Check out these awesome palettes!  We will be posting images featuring combinations of familiar Kanekalon jumbo braid brands alongside our KK Artist Fiber braiding hair in an upcoming update.  :) These photos of KK Artist Fiber were taken with inside light.  Use them to gauge them in context with other colors in the same line.  If you need an exact match, please...
Happy Birthday, Website!
Woah baby! Thanks for taking a moment to explore our new home on the interwebs. We hope you like what you see.  We've made the site more user friendly and we feel it represents our products better too.  You can even add customer images and tutorial comments right on the pages!  That means you can leave your mark.  Learn, help and inspire the next generation of hair architects! So what's next?...

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