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Super Reactive UV Hair Color
Hair color that looks fabulous during the day and glows like magic under black light. Find out your glowing options with UV reactive hair color.
Sparks Dip-Dye: Step by Step
Learn step by step how to achieve the perfect color fade with Sparks hair color.
Sparks All Over Color: Step by Step
Get the perfect all over color with Sparks.
Deliciously Inspiring Rainbow Braids
We love our customers and the awesome hair they create. Check out Kerri's colorful rainbow braid styles and her epic abs!
Unintentional Ombre Weave
Sometimes you achieve a beautiful style on the way to your desired style. See the beautiful Ombre mermaid look on the road to Anna Marie's fall style.
Double Ended Dreadlock Take Down
A double ended installation was perfect for festival life! But just like Shambhala, all good installs must come to an end. See the take down process of a DE install.
Natural Dreadlock Reattachment at Modified Academy
Natural dreadlocks take a lot of time, so having to remove them can bring a person to tears. Doc to the rescue! Those babies can be reattached when you are ready for them again.
Pinch Braid Maintenance for SE Dreadlocks
Long lofty dreadlocks are only a pinch braid away! Learn about pinch braids and their maintenance process.
A Lesson at Modified
Modified Beauty Academy (a division of Doctored Locks) is a beauty school like no other. Today's lesson is on dreadlock maintenance with base ties.
Wefted Installation & Hair Color - Start to Finish
Behold the transformation. A linkies track weave for length and some color for dimension. See the process and watch the magic.
Toning: Silver is the New Black
Not sure how to get that perfect silver hair color? Learn the laws of toning and how you can predict your outcome.
Rachel Dolezal Buys Her Black Weaves From a White Lady
It's not often that one of our customers holds the national news media spotlight for over a week.   Yes, I said it.  Rachel Dolezal is one of our customers and that means that she buys her “Black” wigs and weaves from a “White” lady. If you are unfamiliar with this story, a quick Google search will pull up a wealth of results. The gist is that Rachel Dolezal is a White lady, that identifies...

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