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Basic DE Synth Dread Installation
Getting a full head of dreads is easy! Learn step by step how.
Shell-Shocking UV Updo For Classy Mermaids
Release your inner mermaid with an epic colorful UV updo that illuminates under blacklight.
Hair to Dye For- Going Green for Spring
Want to let out your inner mermaid? Green is a go for this spring!
Stylist Spotlight: Ashleigh Cano
Tapes, Linkies, Nanos - you name it, Ashleigh has mastered it!
Instant Dreads?!? You better believe it! Dreadlock Clip Sets are in the house!
Easily get a killer full dread look in under 5 minutes. Yes, it's possible.
Elastic Thread - My Must Have Install Weapon
Your synth dread installs will forever be changed with elastic thread.
Coloring Tape Hair Extensions - Blondes to a Purple & Pink Oasis
Take your tape hair extensions to the next level by adding some color.
New Artisan Dreadlock Sets
Introducing our amazing new dread lines. They're dreadtastic!
Mind-blowing Cosplay: Tegan Feehery as Tyrande
Bring World of Warcraft to life with this incredible cosplay.
Contest Winner: Vera Campbell as Jadis the White Witch
Beautiful dreads and a hand made chain mail dress? You bet she's a winner!
Removing the Most HARDCORE Tangles!
Did you leave your extensions in too long? Have tangles from your hair trying to dread? Have no fear!
10 Reasons Why I Love My Synthetic Dreadlocks
Learn how synth dreads can change your life for the better.

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