Why you should NEVER do Hair for Money...

Why you should NEVER do Hair for Money...
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Why you should NEVER do Hair for Money...

I was 12 the first time I asked my mom for hair extensions. After three months of summer “Sun In” leave-in hair lightener and one tragic home perm, I can tell you (with certainty) the exact limit of abuse my hair can handle. My sane mother, of course, told me no (too much money!) - and so I suffered through the most tragic and humiliating hair of my life.

Hair extensions used to be expensive, supplies were non-existent, and stylists learned this secret dark art in exchange for wheelbarrows full of money. Thank goodness times have changed! I first learned about how to use extensions on the internet. I found cheap synthetic hair for under $5! (You still can actually.) I learned how to craft the hair into realistic pieces and make it look sharp!

I had never felt in control of my hair. It had always been pretty lame. This new found hobby was SO LIBERATING and INSPIRING. I can still remember how it felt, switching out pieces - short to long, bangs, no bangs… I could go from retro vixen to ultra-goth in 15 minutes or less. It became a vital part of my own artistic self-expression. The costs that had been prohibitive, were no longer a factor.

Hair became my obsession...

I would spend days at my computer learning everything I could. At one point, I was having trouble getting the supplies I needed (and other people were too), so I had this idea to start selling the hair myself. Having my own shop would give me better control over my supply line and help other artists too! It was a lot of hard work setting up accounts, but everything was finally in place, and that’s how Doctored Locks (dot com) was born - in my basement circa 2000.

Sales grew quickly, and pretty soon, not just my basement but my entire house was looking quite hoarded. I was on the internet 24/7, never leaving except for trips to the post office. I LOVED IT, but I didn't want to live like a obsessed hermit hoarder forever - and it showed no signs of slowing down. I needed to evict my project and start connecting with people again. This is how Doctored Locks (the store) was born in 2003.

Finally, I had my own place to express myself...

In the new store, I began doing installations for other people. What I didn’t expect was how much this would impact others on an emotional level. For some people, it helped them step into a new, more self-assertive character. For others, it was a deeply healing process. I was able to show clients how to let go of things they didn’t like about themselves or fix “imperfections” they had been struggling with so they no longer saw them. These bonds were much deeper than surface level and created a whole new level of inspiration - to craft individualized solutions.

Through this new passion, I was able to stabilize my income doing the things I loved. Up until this point, I had only worked minimum wage jobs and scraped by paycheck to paycheck. By installing hair extensions, I was able to make 5 times the minimum wage and received so many client referrals I had to hire other installers to keep up. I’m not going to lie - I was working myself to the bone - but I just loved the transformation process so much. It made me feel like I was giving back in a way that was meaningful.

I have always felt that impacting others is true currency...

The money was easy, but it wasn’t ever about money for me. I want people to have the same experience I’ve had. I want YOU to be able to help your clients overcome their emotional obstacles. We all have bad hair days. We all struggle with our own personal demons.

I love helping stylists ignite their inspiration and stay engaged - it’s like watching myself learn all over again - and it ignites that same fire! It is an honor to help other stylists connect more deeply with their clients - and make better money in the process. Literally, everyone wins.

It's coming up on 20 years, guys! I can hardly believe it. Doctored Locks has a new space in a scenic location just outside of downtown Spokane. I have a boutique showroom, a private wig showroom, a classroom, a media studio, and a huge warehouse full of my own lines of product! My passion today is just as strong, if not stronger, than it was from the beginning.

I’m excited to be opening up enrollment for my online course, Hair Extension Artistry tomorrow! It will cover everything I’ve learned from this journey, boiled down to the best information I have. I will help you cut through the fluff and confusion.

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If you join me for the next 8 weeks, you will be part of a great group of students all taking steps to transform their lives.

Thank you for riding this crazy ride with me. You guys are the best.



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