DIY: How to Create a Mermaid Fishtail Braid on Short Hair for Under $15

DIY: How to Create a Mermaid Fishtail Braid on Short Hair for Under $15

Mermaid Fishtail Braid with Extensions:

Learn how to create a fishtail mermaid braid with braiding fiber.

Items Needed:
Braiding Hair (5 packs, 1 matching the base color)
Little Wonder Brush
Rubber Bands
Hair Spray

1. Fold braiding fiber in half and secure to a work surface.
2. Use scissors to cut the ends of your braiding hair into a taper.
3. Repeat with all colors.
4. Use your Little Wonder brush to carve off the lower perimeter of the natural hair. Check that you have enough hair in your lower perimeter to cover the extension hair you will be putting in.
5. Pin the remaining hair up and out of the way.
6. Separate the first color bundle into smaller sections.
7. Take a small section and wrap a rubber band around the middle of the braiding fiber. Pull the ends of the fiber through the loop and cinch it down.
8. Use the rubber band connected to the braiding hair to make a small ponytail along the lower perimeter.
9. Continue adding small ponytails in different colors along the lower perimeter.
10. Let down the natural hair.
11. Carve off a natural hair section in the center back of the head.
12. Using the bundle that matches your natural color, wrap two rubber bands around it for strength.
13. Use the bands to create a ponytail in the center back section, making sure your natural ponytail underneath the extension hair.
14. Backcomb the natural hair above the center back extension ponytail to ensure coverage.
15. Comb all of the hair smooth and toward the back.
16. Spray lightly with hair spray to help keep things in place.
17. Finger comb through the braiding hair that you added and cut out any areas that tangle.
18. Time to braid! Take a small section from one side and pull it to the back.
19. Take a small section from the other side and cross over the top of the first.
20. Repeat pulling from one side and crossing over.
21. When you start to pull blonde instead of colors, you have reached the center. Put a clip on your braiding progress.
22. Pull the blonde braiding hair forward and push the colored braiding hair back underneath.
23. Pull off the clip and continue crossing over from one side to the other until you reach your ends.
24. Rubber band your end.
25. Trim up the end with your scissors.
26. Pull slightly to ease up tension and create a loftier braid.
27. Give it another shot of hair spray and your braid is done.

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