DIY: How to Create Hair Extension Bangs (Long Style)

DIY: How to Create Hair Extension Bangs (Long Style)

Long Fringe Extensions:

Learn how to create a long style fringe hair piece.

Items Needed:
Wefted Hair
Weave Clips
Binder Clips (from an office supply store)
Tail Comb
Flat Iron
Downloadable PDF Template
Card Stock

1. Download the PDF template.
2. Trace the template style onto a piece of cardstock and cut out the form.
3. Flat iron the hair straight.
4. Secure the template to the wefted hair with binder clips.
5. Cut the hair slowly along the template.
6. Remove the fringe from the template and sew through the weft to secure the thread.
7. Set the clip on the weft ensuring that the teeth are facing the downward direction and the clip backing is against the hair.
8. Sew through the first hole on the clip and through the weft three times.
9. Repeat for the second hole on the clip.
10. Stitch to the underside of the clip and create a knot.
11. Clip away the excess thread.
12. Repeat for the remainder of the clips.
13. Use a flat iron to add some curvature to the hair.

Downloadable PDF Template

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