DIY: How to Install Latch Hook (Crochet) Extensions

DIY: How to Install Latch Hook (Crochet) Extensions

Latch Hook (Crochet) Extensions:

Learn how to create latch hook aka crochet style hair extensions.

Items Needed:
Single Ended Dreadlocks
Latch Hook Tool
Weave Needle
Latch Hook Hair

1. Start with a cornrowed base - be sure that the rows have braiding hair added.
2. Fold up the tails of your braids and secure them by sewing them to the base braids.
3. Hold a piece of latch hook hair by the center (you should have two equal legs).
4. Slide the latch hook tool underneath a cornrow.
5. Grab the center of the latch hook hair and pull it underneath the cornrow leaving a just a loop exposed.
6. Take the two legs and pull them through the loop.
7. Cinch the hair into place.
8. Continue until the cornrows are filled.

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