Keeping Your Clients Coming Back for More!

Keeping Your Clients Coming Back for More!
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Keeping Your Clients Coming Back for More!

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Hello Friends!

Over the weekend, I had an amazing time with the legendary rockstar hairdresser, Alin Leslie - owner and creator of Dollylocks Organic Dreadlock Products. She flew all the way to the frigid Inland Northwest from sunny St.Petersburg, Florida to play hair with me and talk shop.

It’s always a power-packed few days when we get together! Planning and scheming ...AND getting my OWN hair done.

Real talk: Stylists! How often do you make the time to get your own hair done? We get so busy taking care of everyone else, that we forget to fix our own shiz, amirite?! Now I have that sweet feeling of being all put back together and a ton of inspiration from our visit. :)

One thing you should know is that both Alin and I have made our careers in niche hair services. We both wholeheartedly feel that leveraging those niche hair services, such as dreadlocks and extensions, is the easiest way for an inspired hairdresser to find success in the hair industry. If you aren't leveraging these services to your advantage, you could be short-changing your paycheck.

Clients that want your services will seek you out, and even if those clients wanted to leave, it’s pretty tricky to find a new provider. This makes client acquisition a breeze and retention a nearly built-in niche service feature.

This week, I wanted to share with you my secret weapon for ensuring hair extension client retention: Aftercare and Effective Troubleshooting

Even if everything goes as it should, every now and then, a client will have a frustrating time. Maybe she’s new to extensions, or maybe she changed hair products, or maybe it’s something else that blindsides you both. It happens to ALL of us. Some of these clients will let you know, but many of them will just quietly slip away, never to be seen on your books again.

The key to managing frustrations and saving your relationship is by having the right expectations from the beginning.

I’ve created an insider's troubleshooting guide for what happens when your client comes to you with hair extension woes.

- How to handle it - What to look for - And ultimately, how to fix it

I’ve also created something for your client too!

I’ve created a care guide for new extensions that you can bundle with your prescribed aftercare products. This is intended to help your client never get off the path of loving all of those new fancy, flowing locks!

Download The Insider Stylist Guide for Troubleshooting Hair Extensions BONUS Client Aftercare Sheet here:

Free Troubleshooting Guide

We’ve also been hard at work filming and editing for Hair Extension Artistry - The Course.

Here’s a little sneak peek of Jessi’s jaw-dropping silver! She’s wearing our new Bliss Tape Hair line. It’s amazingly, buttery soft! If you want to learn more about this upcoming course, click here.

Building this course for you has been an incredible experience so far. I can't wait to share more.

I hope you have been busy learning new tricks and crafting up some new styles of your own too! Remember to take a moment today to do something nice for yourself. You are worth more than you can imagine.



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