DIY: How to Install Single Ended Dreadlocks with O-Ring Attachments (Thread)

DIY: How to Install Single Ended Dreadlocks with O-Ring Attachments (Thread)

Installing O-ring Dreadlocks with Thread:

Learn how to install human hair single enders with thread.

Items Needed:
Spray Bottle
Tail Comb
Crocodile Clips
Latch Hook Tool
Human Hair Single Ender with O-ring

1. Slide the o-ring onto the latch hook tool.
2. Grab the dreadlock section of natural hair and pull it into the ring.
3. Smooth out the ends of the natural hair and separate it into two.
4. Place a piece of precut thread behind your dreadlock, centered at the root of the dread.
5. Combine each thread leg with one leg of natural hair.
6. Braid six turns.
7. Separate the thread legs from the hair. Create a loop knot with one leg of the thread.
8. Repeat knotting two more times with the first thread leg.
9. Repeat knotting with the opposite leg of thread three times.
10. Knot the thread legs together three times clip away the ends.
11. Separate the natural hair from the dreadlock and comb it straight.
12. Using your latch hook tool, slide it into the dreadlock and come out just below where the natural hair comes out of the thread.
13. Pull the natural hair into the dread and out at the insertion point.
14. Holding the natural hair, slide the dreadlock into place over the natural hair.
15. Tie off the entry point using an additional piece of thread.

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