How Amanda Denny Quit Her Boring Job And Became A Leading Hair Industry Artist

How Amanda Denny Quit Her Boring Job And Became A Leading Hair Industry Artist
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Amanda Denny of 'Hair Extensions by Amanda' is one of my favorite artists. She has a passion for transformation and innovation. Her rainbow blends are breathtaking and her blending work overall is totally ON POINT.

However, Amanda’s career didn’t start out that way...

Amanda started as a paralegal in a personal injury law firm. She was bored becoming restless, and needed a new direction.

"I decided life was too short to be doing a job I didn't love so I started my hairdressing at night school while still working ...which was the best thing I ever did"

She was nervous to make a dramatic change, but she knew that she needed to take that leap of faith. It can be difficult to juggle responsibilities, a full time job, and learning a new trade in your few off hours, but if your plan leads you to the work you love, then it will be worth it in the end. Once out of school, Amanda power-charged her career with hair extensions.

“I started the extensions straight away as I was super interested and excited about the transformation aspect of them. 15 years on this month and I am considered at the top of my game... I love my job and cannot think of anything else I would rather do. I'm not just an extensionist, I am also a good confident role model to my ladies which keeps them coming back. They love how passionate I am about my work and know I will do the best possible job for them. Life is good.”

If you are considering learning hair extensions, listen to Amanda’s advice.

“My advice to any stylist who is considering adding extensions to their service is do it! You won't regret it and the job satisfaction from giving ladies hair they could only dream about is second to none. Also if you work hard the earning potential is brilliant.”

I asked Amanda what she thought about learning from my new course.

"I would tell other stylists they they should have no hesitation about working with you - because this is your passion - you have shown a lot of dedication to the trade and the progression of it. Over the years I have followed your instruction videos and blogs, and your experience in extensions is massive. The effort that you have put into keeping up with trends has been really inspiring. I'm not sure I know of any other company that has done this. It's going above and beyond in my eyes. A true passion and not just about the money but wanting others to learn too."

…*I’m blushing* High praise from such a master stylist.

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