Hair school nearly KILLED my soul. Did you survive?

Hair school nearly KILLED my soul. Did you survive?
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I've been doing some soul searching...
I thought I would share a little bit of my hair school story with you - and why it means so much to me to help other hairdressers.

You probably didn't think about how vulnerable you'd feel when you decided to go to hair school. I sure didn't.
An average scenario goes something like this...

Step 1: Your client must first get their hair vision from their head to yours. Depending on the pictures they select and their verbal accuracy, this may prove to be pretty tough in itself.

Step 2: You quickly make a gameplan with limited know-how and little experience.

Step 3: Replicate their intended vision in the mirror (no pressure!) while getting into a perfect stranger's personal space.

Step 4: You now get critiqued from your client AND your instructor while holding your composure. Hopefully, you didn't shake too badly or forget what you were doing too many times - I know I had my share of these moments.

The culture in your school will make or break your experience. Your school will either support you, pick you up when you fall, lift your spirits, give you just enough encouragement to keep going... or it won't.

The school I went to wasn't a positive place...

It was tense, obstructive and full of women undermining each other. I hate to admit it, but the instructors made me cry more than once by insinuating I was inadequate. I knew they were being overbearing and catty, but it still broke me.

I didn't go into cosmetology straight out of high school either. I was an "older" hair student. I was used to putting in a hard day's work. I already owned Doctored Locks by then. In addition, I had eight years of university under my belt. Nothing in my life had prepared me for how hard this would be - to feel this horrible, being in an unsupportive "learning" environment.
I did eventually escape.

An opportunity opened up to join the Washington apprenticeship program...           

I jumped at it. I lost all of the hours that I had accumulated, so that I could be in a safer, more nurturing environment. It made all the difference in the world.

I truly hope your story is different from mine. I would love nothing more than to believe you felt empowered and strong in your entire experience. But it if yours was similar, I want you to know that it's not you - i'ts them.

No one in a learning environment should ever tell you that you are bad at something. Their job is to teach you. If you suck, its ultimately their fault anyway. Please don't give up.

It always takes being vulnerable to learn a new skill...

It means admitting you want to grow and pushing past all of the negative thoughts and self-doubts. It means opening yourself up to correction and giving it your all. It's a risk we take to get better.
I know the power of what a good mentor can mean - and yours is out there! It can mean the difference in finding your dream career or walking away feeling like a failure. If you are struggling to feel strong, know that we all have those moments, but that you are amazing.

Always find the person that lifts your heart most to be your inspiration. You never know when you will be that person for someone else.


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