Flex-Tip Nanos and Tapes Fully Stocked! And My Thoughts on Age Appropriate Hairstyles

Flex-Tip Nanos and Tapes Fully Stocked! And My Thoughts on Age Appropriate Hairstyles
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So. Much. Good. News. Friends!!!

Okay, FIRST, let's get the obvious out of the way. I'm PINK. Like PAYNK PAYNK! And I don't hate it. In fact, I kind of love it.

Doctored Locks pink flex tip nanos

I have an event this weekend - my friend Nannette's wedding.

We met because I've been maintaining her fiance, David's, dreads now for about 10 years. David and Nannette are in their mid-60's - and she brought swatches to a recent appointment to talk about colors of her dress, her nails - the works! Mid-conversation, she turns to me and says "Do you think this color is age-appropriate? It won't look silly, will it?"

STOP everything. Right now. Take a good look at yourself. Tell me what you think. I'm dead serious - I want to know how YOU feel.

Nannette strikes me as the picture of confidence, but it was a good reminder of how fragile confidence can be for anyone and everyone. Sometimes, we question our place in the world and start to feel like we should hide or shrink away.

Maybe that skirt is too short. Maybe that hair is too youthful. WWXD?

I brought aging up at our staff meeting this morning. Jolene, our IT manager, said very matter of factly: "If you want long, flowing, luxurious locks - bitch, you EARNED that!" Yes, you did, sister! Age is a mindset. Vibrant is forever. Vibrant is alive. Hiding and shrinking is death of your soul.

If you need further reinforcement - watch this trailer for Advanced Style (highly recommended viewing for self-esteem related aging - or just general badassery): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezqq-HPpSQA

News: Our HUGE shipment of new Bliss Line Flex-Tip Nanos and Tapes have arrived!

The Flex-Tip Nanos AND the Tapes now share the same color ring - which is 18" long - a great way to match your clients (or yourself). The new colors are absolutely ASTONISHING. Ravishing. Look at how smokey these ash tones are! GAH. If you are into silvers and ashes - holy moley. Get on over here!!

Doctored Locks Bliss Flex-Tip Nano and Tape Hair Colors

When the shipment dropped, I had to have some. I colored up some color #18 with some custom toned Special Effects blush and got to work.

Look at how tiny these bonds are!! You are looking right at them and you can barely see them. They are so great I can hardly stand it. They hold crazy well too!

Want to know what Flex-Tip Nanos are?

If you have never heard of Flex-Tip Nanos before and you are curious, I highly recommend joining us for a webinar - our next live Q&A webinar is on Tuesday at 2pm PST. Just click the image below and I will send you the link and more details soon!

Doctored Locks Flex-Tip Nano Webinar

I'm so excited to show you everything! I hope you can hang out with me on Tuesday!

Love you guys so much!



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