DIY: How to Create Extra Large Jumbo Sized Synthetic Dreads

DIY: How to Create Extra Large Jumbo Sized Synthetic Dreads

Extra Large Synthetic Dreads:

Learn how to create extra large synthetic dreads.

Items Needed:
Dreadloom (optional)
Curling Rod (optional)
Jumbo Braid
Ironing Board
Pot of Water
Flat Iron
Thread (optional)

1. Separate your fiber bundle (Each bundle will make 2 to 4 dreads per pack).
2. Secure your fiber. If using a dreadloom, place fiber around a curl rod and sandwich the rod into the dreadloom.
3. Backcomb your fiber. Start with large sweeping motions and slowly get tighten the movements.
4. Set up for the sealing process: Put towels in a pot of water. Turn on your iron.
5. Twist the backcombed fiber in one direction, working in 6" to 12'' sections.
6. Cover the section with a wet towel and press with the iron.
7. Twist the form tightly and repeat the iron pressing approximately three times.
8. Continue this process to seal the length of the dread.
9. Use a flat iron for the tips as needed. Cut away any frayed ends.
10. To create a tight top loop, twist the top and wrap the area with a damp towel. Force steam into the area with a flat iron.
11. If a tighter loop is desired, use thread to bind the top.

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