Mermaid Newbies: Picking The Perfect Extension

Mermaid Newbies: Picking The Perfect Extension
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Mermaid Newbies: Picking The Perfect Extension

Are you new to the world of extensions? Have you been thinking about getting them, but have been unsure of costs, time, effort, and options? This post is for you. Maybe you've been dating the idea of extensions for a while, you've gone on a few coffee dates and oogled over some Pinterest posts and the Instagram photos (#HAIRSPERATION) but the commitment is a little too intimidating, especially when you don't know what you're looking at. What does it mean to actually get into a serious relationship with extensions? While parts of our answers might surprise you, it really depends on what kind of extension you're looking for. (if you're new here, yes, there is more than one type). First things first, think about what you want from your extension: Do you want something to just add drama to your special occasions? Is your hair thin/thinning and you need to add fullness? Updos or downdos? long or EXTRA long? Think about what your day to day is and how you see extensions play into that, from there you can make a decision. We don't want you to get an "extension divorce" because you just didn't get kind that fit your lifestyle! There's something out there for everyone, sometimes you just need the right information:

For The "Special Occasion" Extension Wearer:

We recommend clipsets or halos. This is also a great starter extension for anyone who's nervous and just wants to try extensions out to see if they're actually about that mermaid life. You will probably spend just as much money on a good clipset or halo as you will any other installation, but it will last you much longer (we've had customers keep them for nearly a year). Part of that will be because it's likely you won't wear it every day, and the other part is that you definitely won't sleep in them (which is when your hair is most likely to be damaged). Halos and Clipsets are items that you would install before a fancy night out or before you head out to work in the morning. They take all of 10 minutes to clip in, and in a flash you'll have a Beyonce mane. With this extension we recommend purchasing a Little Wonder Backcombing Brush , you'll be able to part sections with the tail end of the brush and give your hair a bit of backcombing to keep the clips in place. Personally, our favorite part of this is the garment bag these sets come in, you can stay organized with these nifty storage bags and style your extensions on the hanger before you install them!

For The Every-Day Extension Wearer or The DIYer:

 We recommend Tape-In Extensions. These guys are simple, easy to install (If you want to do it yourself, there's a tutorial here) and perfect for the every day extension wearer. You will need between 2-3 packs of hair (3 for fullness+length, 2 for just length), a rat tail comb for creating easy installation sections, and clips to hold back your hair during installation. This system is PERFECT for someone who is new to extensions but doesn't want the hassle of installing them every day or every occasion. Tape-ins will last you between 1-2 months depending on how well you take care of them, and how fast your hair grows out. If you take extra-special care, sometimes you can reuse them, just clean the old tape off and use these tape tabs and reinstall. When you're ready to remove them just use our Organic Remover and work the tabs out of your hair!

For The Extension Wearer That Wants Full Mobility:

We suggest our prebond hair. While we do have customers that install this extension themselves, it is definitely more labor-intensive (see tutorial here). It's far more likely that you will pay a stylist hourly to install this for you, but it is definitely one of our favorite extension methods. When installed correctly, this system is incredibly easy to conceal and gives you full mobility to put your hair up and create amazing styles. While the hair for this extension is the same as tape-ins, your cost may vary  depending on how much of this you're doing yourself. For this extension system you will need 2-3 packs of hair, a comb for creating part lines, clips for while you're installing, beads that match the root base of your hair (we recommend silicone-lined), a Bead Loader Looper or a Microneedle to install the beads, a microring closer to crimp the beads shut, and a microring opener for when you're ready to remove them (between 1-2 months). If your going to a stylist to have these installed, it's likely you will just need the hair and beads.

For Those Looking To Conceal Thinning Areas: 

We suggest nano extensions . This extension is the same idea and installation method as prebond, it's just incredibly small. If your ultimate goal with extensions is to have something that will hide thinning spots or stay easily concealed in fine or light-colored hair, nanos are for you. These extensions (in our personal opinion) are also the most comfortable, they have flexible silicone tips that won't poke you or tug in awkward directions. For this installation your check list will be the same as prebond, just in nano form. You will need nano beads, a nano microneedle, and a nano opener/closer. For excellent quality hair that will stay hidden, get in on the nano game. Your costs will be slightly higher than tapes or prebond, but the extension experience is absolutely worth it.

For Luxurious, Quality Hair That Can Take a Little Abuse:

We recommend sew-in wefts using Bohyme Hair. This method is a little more expensive simply because of the quality of hair you will get (but absolutely worth it). We here at Doctored Locks are incredibly proud of our brand of cuticle-intact European remy hair, which means we would never suggest anything less than awesome for human hair installations. Bohyme is amazing, and we 100% recommend it to anyone who wants the best of the best. There are many different ways to install wefted hair, but with the most common installation is sewing them in. All you will need is 1 pack of hair, a weaving needle of your choice, and thread that matches your hair color. This method is typically installed by a stylist, unless you have some seriously mad "hands behind your head" sewing skills.

No Matter What Kind of Extension You Buy....

While extension installation methods have nearly endless variations, there is one thing all of these systems have in common: a need for a good brush. No matter your extension choice, if you do not detangle the layers of your hair, your extensions will suffer. BIG time. Lots of beautiful hair has been lost to knots and matts, don't let that happen to you! Additionally, what you put on your extensions matters. If you don't have salon quality shampoo and conditioner, get it. You won't want to wash your hair as often when you have extensions so you can extend their life (a good dry shampoo comes in super handy) so when you do wash your extensions, wash them like you care about them. Good shampoo and conditioner and a little Moroccan oil can do wonders to your natural hair AND your extensions! We know that was a lot of information, and you may have TONS of questions now. Comment on this blog or give us a call and talk to one of our extension masters at 509.326.7100. Mermaid status is waiting for you, you just gotta take the plunge. We promise you'll come out loving the way you look ;)

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