DIY: How to Create an Elsa Braid on Short Hair with Clip-In Extensions

DIY: How to Create an Elsa Braid on Short Hair with Clip-In Extensions

Elsa Braid for Short Hair:

Learn how to create an Elsa braid with a clip set.

Items Needed:
Clip In Extensions
Little Wonder Brush
Rubber Band

1. Carve an angled section on the side from behind the ear toward the center of the head.
2. Use your Little Wonder to create light backcombing for grip.
3. Clip in a two clip extension piece. Position the teeth of one clip in the hair and snap shut. Repeat with the other clip.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Clip this hair up and out of the way to begin installing additional extension pieces starting at the nape.
6. Carve off a section of natural hair at the nape of the neck.
7. Backcomb the natural hair slightly where the clips will be placed.
8. Clip in a two clip extension piece.
9. Continue adding extension pieces in this manner until you have completed the back of the head.
10. Now it's time to begin your braid. Pull hair from each side to center, picking up some of the extension hair with the natural hair.
11. Pick up hair from the center to create your third braiding leg.
12. Crossing over, incorporate more hair in from the opposite side, adding it into your first piece to create your braid.
13. Repeat on the other side, adding new pieces into the bottom section, over the top and into center.
14. Continue this until you have created the length of your braid.
15. Using a ponytail rubber band, secure your end.
16. Pinch and pull pieces of your braid to create loft.
17. Use your fingers to loosen the braid near the nape.
18. Make sure none of your extension attachment points are showing and hair spray.

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