DIY: Dollylocks Method for Reattaching Dreads

DIY: Dollylocks Method for Reattaching Dreads

Dollylocks Reattaching Dreads:

Learn how to reattach a fallen dreadlock.

Items Needed:
Thinning Shears
Dollylocks Steel Hook
Tail Comb
Dollylocks Dry Shampoo
Dollylocks Tightening Gel
Dollylocks Thread
Dollylocks Tightening Spray

1. Make sure the ends of your attachment points are tapered. If not, do so with thinning shears.
2. Position the dreads so that they overlap.
3. Create a slipknot with thread. Take half the string and do an over, under, and through movement three times with one side, and then three with the other.
4. Clip away the excess thread.
5. Use the steel hook to pull the loose hair through the dread at the top attachment point. Make sure to pull through at different angles, from one side to the other.
6. Flip and repeat.
7. Repeat for the bottom attachment point.
8. Lightly dust the Dollylocks Shampoo onto the attachment points.
9. Palm roll lightly.
10. Take a small amount of bulk human hair and pull it apart so that there are no blunt ends.
11. Use the steel hook to pull the hair through the natural dreadlock starting just above the top attachment point.
12. Pull through at different angles.
13. After part of the hair is worked through, backcomb the remaining the loose hair.
14. Wrap the hair gently around the dreadlock while working down the dread with the steel hook.
15. Stop and backcomb again.
16. Continue wrapping and pulling hair through while working down the dreadlock.
17. Add more hair using the same process as needed to cover the entire attachment point.
18. Palm roll tightening gel into the dreadlock.

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