DIY Temporary Clip-In Dreads

DIY Temporary Clip-In Dreads:

Create temporary dreadlocks with Doctored Locks Clip-In Dread Extensions.

Items Needed:

Clip-In Dreads (Available in Synthetic or Human Hair)
Little Wonder Backcombing Brush
Crocodile Clips


1. Part a section of your natural hair. Clip the hair out of the way.
2. Lightly backcomb the hair where the clips will be placed.
3. Position the teeth of one clip in the hair and snap shut. Repeat with the other clip.
4. For longer wefts, snap the center clips shut first, then alternate side to side (this will stop the weft from migrating to one side).
5. Repeat this process for each piece.
6. Use your Little Wonder brush to backcomb just above each weft. This will help to hide your extension attachments.
7. Lightly mist hairspray over the top layer of natural hair and near the natural hair ends to blend.

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