DIY: How to Create Premade Pieces for a Messy Updo

DIY: How to Create Premade Pieces for a Messy Updo

Disheveled Extensions Updo:

Learn how to get the perfect look every time by creating pieces for a disheveled extension updo.

Items Needed:
Weaving Hair
Curling Iron
Hair Pins

Creating Your Pieces
1. Cut a 2'' piece of wefted hair and attach it a surface.
2. Hairspray both sides of the hair from weft to tip.
3. Separate a small piece of hair.
4. Start at the weft and wrap the hair around a curling iron.
5. Release the curl into your hand and let the heat dissipate.
6. Continue working in small sections until you complete this weft.
7. Repeat this process for additional weft pieces.
8. Store in something that will not squish the curls.
Creating Your Updo
1. Create a bun.
2. Using hairpins, secure one piece to the underside and one piece to the top side of the bun.
3. Separate one curl away from the others.
4. Find a small piece from that curl, pull on this piece, sliding the rest of the curl up to the bun and pin.
5. Repeat for each curl.

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