Dealing with Meltdown Clients

Dealing with Meltdown Clients
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We take our dogs to the park every morning. Neighbors with off-leash dogs tend to congregate around the center of the park. We tend to stay to the side of the pack so that we can throw the ball and make sure that our fur babies Jake and Jasper get really tired before work.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this morning was different. VERY different.

When we arrived our usual neighborhood pack wasn't out. After about twenty minutes we were suddenly confronted with an angry man with his dog on a leash. He screamed at us that our dogs needed to be on a leash (which technically IS true). I said, "okay, it's no problem, we can leave." He kept approaching us. He seemed to be getting more angry with every step. "You don't think this law applies to you?! F*@k you. I see you here every morning." I replied, "yes, that's true, we are here most mornings. We try to make sure they get exercised. We are leaving now, though." He kept approaching. Jake ran up to his dog. Oh lord... please don't kick my baby. "You don't want me to let my dog off!" he screams. (His dog looked like a total sweetheart, btw.)

Have you ever been in this situation? Maybe not with people and their dogs, but with someone else you don't even know? Maybe a customer? Maybe a coworker? You are just going about your day and BLAM! You are suddenly faced with a highly emotional, volatile human saying that you are the root cause of whatever liquid meltdown they are experiencing.

The reason why I'm sharing this is because I think we all find ourselves in these situations from time to time - the kind that just seem to come out of nowhere and blindside you. He had obviously had this conversation in his head many times. When he walked into the park, he was approaching us for a confrontation, not a conversation or polite request. When our reaction didn't meet his expectation, he escalated it to try to make our reactions match his expectations. Nah, I'll pass.

Despite our good intentions, this could be anyone. They might think you park wrong, wear your makeup wrong, breathe wrong. You will never avoid the issues that someone else conjures up and brings to the table. You won't even know they are there until it's too late and time to back away slowly.

It might even happen when you're working. Have you ever had someone meltdown in your chair? It's been a long time for me now, but one never forgets. Bone chilling, heartbreaking and mega embarrassing all rolled into one. (Someday, I will compile all of the crazy stories I've heard from fellow stylists. One of my students shared her crazy story about a prior salon where she received death threats from an angry customer! Good grief!) Some humans just aren't good at controlling their emotions - so they communicate via explosions.

Since we will never see it coming and the only reaction we can control is our own, try to be the calm in the storm. Don't join them in their downward spiral. Simply do what you can to keep moving yourself out of that situation and pivot to avoid it for next time. Don't get that energy stink on you.

Onward and upward my fine friends!

Last week, I had asked if anyone would be interested in a hairstylist meditation for helping you feel confident in your pricing. I'm happy to say, its underway! I will message when its ready for download. Making this for you guys is pumping me up, so hopefully it has the same effect on you! :)

More great news!

Hair Extension Artistry will be opening for enrollment again later this week.

All good things! Now, let's kick this whole thing off!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


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