DIY: How to Easily Create Crochet Method Synthetic Dreads

DIY: How to Easily Create Crochet Method Synthetic Dreads

Crochet Dreads:

Learn how to create synthetic crochet dreads.

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid
Latch Hook Tool
Crochet Hook
Gloves (Heat Protective)

1. Secure jumbo braid to your work surface.
2. Backcomb fiber. Start with big sweeping motions, working tighter with each pass.
3. Use your latch hook tool to create a hole near the base of the dread. Pull the tail through the hole.
4. Repeat down the dread at different angles.
5. Using your crochet hook and pull out fine strands of fiber from the dreadlock.
6 Repeat down the length of the dread at different angles. You may need to do multiple passes.
7.Starting at the base, grab a small section of fiber and wrap this around the dread form.
8. Using your crochet hook, pull the remaining ends of the fiber through to the center of the dread.
9. Continue down the dread form.
10. Backcombing the ends.
11. Dip dread into a pot of boiling water and run your gloved hands down the dread to compact and relax the fiber.
12. Lay flat to cool.
13. Snip the straggly tips.
14. Ready to install!

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