Creating a Top Piece or Toupee From a Wig

Creating a Top Piece or Toupee From a Wig

Creating a Toupee From a Wig:

Learn how to deconstruct a wig to create a top piece / toupee for thinning hair.

Items Needed:
Weave Clip

1. Check to see if the top layer of your selected wig is an appropriate length for the finished piece.
2. Turn your wig inside out.
3. Determine how much of the wig you would like to cut away, being mindful of the construction.
4. Cut away the lower half of the wig.
5. Finger comb the top piece to remove stray hairs.
6. Smooth any jagged cut edges.
7. Determine the appropriate placement for weave clips. Position them so they are all facing in the same direction.
8. Create an anchor stitch.
9. Sew through the first corner of the clip and the top piece. Tack stitch this corner three times.
10. Pass the needle into the top piece directing it to the next corner.
11. Tack this corner with three stitches.
12. Repeat for the 2 remaining corners.
13. Knot your thread several times and clip away the excess. Repeat for each remaining clips.
14. To use your new top piece, simply clip it into place.

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