DIY: How to Color Synthetic Dreadlocks (Ombre Effect)

DIY: How to Color Synthetic Dreadlocks (Ombre Effect)

Coloring Synthetic Dreadlocks: Ombre Effect:

Learn how to ombre dye your synthetic dreads.

Items Needed:
Alcohol Ink (We used Tim Holtz brand available at craft stores in the stamping section)
Synthetic Dreads
Isopropyl Alcohol
Spray Bottle
Garbage Bags (or something to cover your work space to protect from stains)

1. Cover work space with garbage bags and put on gloves.
2. Place a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol into spray bottle (just enough to work with). Add drops of alcohol ink until desired color is reached (about 20 or 30). Spray on white paper to test the color strength.
3. Position the dreads on your work space in a single layer.
4. Spray color on dreads. For an ombre or balayage effect, saturate ends and create a lighter mist as you work towards the roots of the dreads.
5. Work color into dread making sure the exterior of the dread is well covered.
6. Flip the dreads over and repeat to coat the underside.
7. Allow to dry completely.

These are now permanently colored and should not rub off with wear.

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