How to Color Hair Extensions Evenly

How to Color Hair Extensions Evenly

How to Color Hair Extensions:

Learn how to color human hair extensions.

Items Needed:
Human Hair Extensions
Professional Clarifying Shampoo (if not remi hair)
Powdered Bleach (if not remi hair)
10 Volume Cream Developer (if not remi hair)
Heavy Protein Conditioner (if not remi hair)
Hair Color
Coloring Bowl
Card Board
Aluminum Foil
Dye Tool Kit

1. Do a strand test before coloring your entire extension bundle.
2. If the hair is not a remi quality hair, the laminate coating will need to be stripped off. Mix equal parts of a professional clarifying shampoo, powdered bleach, and 10 volume cream developer. Mix up and apply to hair. When it starts to change color, rinse immediately. Apply a heavy protein conditioner and let set 5-10 minutes. Rinse and allow to air dry.
3. Cover the cardboard with aluminum foil.
4. Paint color onto the aluminum foil.
5. Lay a single layer of extension hair onto the foil.
6. Secure the weft to the foil and cardboard using a stapler.
7. Apply color to the loose hair.
8. Allow color to process for 25 minutes.
9. Pick up hair at 1 1/2 inches and rub the color down. Twist the hair creating little "dreadlock" shapes.
10. Gently feather color onto the weft and thread.
11. Process for 10 minutes.
12. Remove from the work service and wash the extension hair.
13. Condition for 5-10 minutes with a high protein conditioner.

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